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Our exceptional facilities

At Vibhaa Hospital, our commitment to patient care extends beyond the services mentioned above. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where you can receive exceptional medical care. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is here to support you throughout your journey to better health.

We are delighted to provide you with an overview of the exceptional facilities available at Vibhaa Hospital. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality healthcare is reflected in our comprehensive range of services:

Inpatient Care

Our state-of-the-art hospital offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms for patients requiring overnight stays. Our compassionate medical staff is dedicated to providing personalized care and ensuring your comfort during your stay.

Outpatient Care

At Vibhaa Hospital, we understand the importance of timely and efficient healthcare. Our outpatient department is designed to cater to a wide range of medical needs, providing consultation and treatment options without the need for hospitalization.

Pharmacy Services

Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with a wide range of medications and is staffed by qualified pharmacists who are available to answer any questions and provide expert advice on medication usage.

Laboratory Services

To facilitate accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, we have a fully equipped laboratory that offers a wide range of diagnostic tests. Our skilled technicians work diligently to deliver prompt and reliable results.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our ICU is staffed by a team of highly trained specialists who provide advanced care for critically ill patients. Equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and life support systems, our ICU ensures the best possible outcomes for patients requiring intensive care.

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine department focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of various diseases and disorders. Our experienced physicians provide comprehensive care for a wide range of medical conditions.

Nursing Services - Home Visits

In addition to in-hospital care, our dedicated nursing team also offers home visits for patients who require medical assistance or monitoring in the comfort of their own homes.

Operation Theatre Services

Our advanced operation theaters are equipped with cutting-edge technology to facilitate safe and efficient surgical procedures. Our skilled surgeons and support staff ensure optimal surgical outcomes while prioritizing patient safety.

Minimal Access Surgery / Laparoscopy

Vibhaa Hospital specializes in minimal access surgery, also known as laparoscopy. This minimally invasive technique offers numerous benefits, including smaller incisions, reduced pain, faster recovery, and improved cosmetic outcomes.

Laser Procotology

We provide laser procotology services for the treatment of various anal and rectal conditions. This advanced approach offers precise and effective treatment options with minimal discomfort and downtime.


Our hospital features a dedicated endoscopy unit for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Our experienced gastroenterologists utilize advanced endoscopic techniques to investigate and treat gastrointestinal conditions.

Dietician Support

Our dedicated team of dieticians offers personalized nutritional guidance and support to help patients optimize their health and manage specific conditions. They work closely with medical professionals to create tailored diet plans and provide ongoing counseling.